Having a bad day? Want to take care of yourself or do some self-love? Maybe you have a day off and want to treat yourself? YES. Let’s do it, order these before you’re next self care day!

Bath Bombs

If you close your eyes, you can imagine you’re in the hot springs of Iceland or the jacuzzi tubs of your favorite spa, it doesn’t matter, but in pure relaxation you can be anywhere! Taking a moment to settle down and enjoy your quiet moments alone can surely reset your mental state.

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Essential Oils

Did you know that aromas alone can affect your mood? It’s the same with fine dining and wine tasting, the flavors, aromas, and atmosphere play a pure part in the mood you are feeling.

Alter your mood with an essential oils diffuser, allowing you to choose your aroma and therefore enhance your mood and feelings. Peppermint can significantly diminish stress and anxiety while lavender can help you calm down and fall asleep. Find the right scent for you and enjoy the amazing smells in your home.

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Face Mask

Nothing can make you feel better like clean and fresh feeling skin, especially in the morning or right before bed. Face masks not only do wonders for your skin blemishes and impurities, but they usually smell amazing and give you a few minutes of relaxation.

Grab this collection of collagen face masks so that you can have continued beautiful skin and relaxation.

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Joints, lotions, gummies – grab one of each! Nothing beats a personal day like a relaxing and effective cbd treatment!

Gummies are great because you can grab one and then get on to the rest of your self-care day while enjoying the effects over time. However, there are many forms of CBD, be sure to find the right CBD form for you.

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Weighted Blanket

Nothing beats stress and anxiety like a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are actually scientifically shown to decrease stress so it’s time to cozy up for some serious relaxation.

Weighted blankets come in plenty of sizes and weights so you will want to consider which size would be most sufficient for your needs.

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There are a few wine delivery services, which are the perfect self love gift to yourself!

Here is the listing of wine delivery companies:

  • Uline
  • NakedWines
  • Winc
  • Usual Wines
  • VineBox

Tap on the image to shop VineBox! VineBox is awesome because you can actually receive tasters of the bottles before you buy, which is a safe way to know you’re getting exactly what you want.

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Yoga Mat

Whether you are taking classes or simply use a streaming app to tune into some guided meditation, you will need a comfy yoga mat to keep you centered. Your yoga mat can be your small space of serenity!

Make your mat yours by choosing your favorite colors or pattern, and ensure it’s thick enough to offer the most comfort in all positions.

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Heating Pad

A heating pad can surely make anyone feel better, something about having a warm comforting weight on you can definitely calm you down. Heating pads are also great for any pains and aches which may help provide relief.

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And there you have it – 8 great items for self-care that you need for your next personal day. If you have other items you love on your self-care days, please comment them below!

By, Delaney Lawrence