Swimsuits are one of those clothing items you just simply cannot have enough of! It’s totally understandable that you want to wear a new one fairly often, but that can get spendy and it’s never fun to break the bank on an item you only wear one portion of the year.

I am here to tell you that Amazon is WORTH buying swimsuits from. It’s a great option for last minute vacation adds or little weekend pick-me-up because they only take 2 days to get to you with Prime and typically cost under $20!!

If you want to look IG-ready, switch it up often, and look amazing… keep reading!

The Olive One-Piece

This suit idea is inspired by Joelle Friend @joellefriend. The olive color is the perfect skin tone enhancer and is guaranteed to look great on everyone. A one-piece is not only for the days when you feel a little bloated or want to be more covered up, it’s for those action-filled days when you want to play beach volleyball or kayak with friends.

See here how Joelle is surfing, such vibes!

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The Pink Queen

A simple pink bikini but the pop of color is what makes it! Modeled by @Samantharaynerx on Instagram. This Amazon look alike is a perfect dupe!

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Basic White

Everyone need a classic white bikini, especially because you can mix and match it with your other swimsuits. The inspiration is from Daisy Keech @daisykeech, an Instagram beauty!

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The Yellow Kini

Inspired by Gabrielle Epstein @gabbyepstein, an Aussie swimsuits lover! Yellow is such a fun summertime color AND the texture addition makes it even cuter. It’s all in the details here.

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As seen on @ohpolly, this simple yet intricate suit is a fun summer pick! The ruching gives it the perfect amount of detail and makes it more fitting for multiple body types.

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Snake Skin

As shown on @frankiesbikinis, this is the perfect simple and spicy bikini! The Amazon look alike is a perfect reflection of the IG pick. It’s even better that this is black and white, which means it can be paired with lots of pops of color!

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Dreamy Blue

Blue is the ultimate beach dreams pick and this suit gives the perfect sun kissed glow! Get yourself the perfect @hoaka_swimwear look alike!

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Tammy Twin

Everyone who’s on Instagram has fawned over Tammy’s bikini picks, and this Amazon dupe will have you looking just like @tammyhembrow! The clear straps are amazing to ensure as little of tan lines as possible!

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Safari Girl

A cat print like this @triangl suit is just what you need to keep it fun! Amazon has an adorable leopard look alike to change things up, and even comes in multiple colors if you love the shape!

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More Support Yellow

As shown on @mondayswimwear, this yellow kini is a great color but also wonderful for the ladies who want a more supported top. This suit can be almost replicated with the Amazon pick!

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Shop Swimsuits

There are thousands of amazing bikini picks on Amazon which come in brilliant colors, patterns, and shapes. Amazon suits still have great quality and can arrive at your door with Prime shipping.

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I hope this gave you Amazon dupe shopping inspiration. If you are worried about sizing, try reading: How to Use Your Measurements to be Successful at Online Shopping and Finding Your Body Shape.

By, Delaney Lawrence