Anxiety and stress suck, but don’t let those negative feelings keep you down. Here is an organized way to re-find that positive mental state that you are lacking.

Step 1: Mental Inventory

Consider how your body is feeling. Ask yourself what your body is lacking and consider your nourishment, sleep, vitamins, and fitness. Take a mental inventory of how you are feeling physically and mentally and evaluate how you have treated your body.

Take a mental inventory, ask yourself:

  • Did I eat a healthy diet?
  • Did I have too much sugar?
  • Am I dehydrated?
  • Did I get sleep deprived?
  • Am I spending too much time on a screen?
  • Have I gotten outside lately?
  • When did I last exercise?
  • Have I taken my vitamins or am I deficient in something?

Step 2: Water and Kindness

Start the journey from a negative mental space to a positive one with lots of water and lots of self-kindness. Water is a key component because water makes up more than 70% of our bodies, and truly does nourish it. Water is the key to clear skin, great digestion, temperature regulation, and many more concepts of health.

Second, don’t be hard on yourself, it is important you are patient with yourself. This step is fairly simple, stop beating yourself up.

Step 3: Positive Time

You now have to start filling the gaps you identified in Step 1 and start giving yourself a sense of relief. Give yourself time, healing in a physical capacity takes time and similarly so does mental healing. Consistent management is important as well as continuing to manage those physical and mental deficiencies (sleep, diet, water.) It’s also important not to let a negative mental state de-rail your goals and responsibilities, you have to continue find purpose over time.

Step 4: Others

Who can you reach out to that will help uplift you? Think of this exercise as a way to find a mental outlet and to focus on someone other than yourself, this can bring positive emotions into play. Sometimes you need to be distracted and enveloped in something or someone else. Some ways you can do this is:

  • Check in with family.
  • Catch up with friends.
  • Reach out to someone you haven’t heard from for awhile.
  • Call a loved one

Step 5: Re-focusing on Positive

Now that you have given yourself time to recover, you can start to re-focus on your passions which helps you re-focus on your purpose. Be mindful that this entire 5 step process can take hours to days, be patient.

You may need to give yourself a small push at this time: do a hobby, watch a favorite show, take a walk, etc. Re-focus on what makes you, you, and find activities that bring you back to content-ness.

A Book to Read if You Liked This

“You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” is an amazing book that has managed to switch my entire mood by just reading one chapter. If you liked this 5 step self-help book, I highly recommend you read the wondrous words of Jen Sincero.

By, Delaney Lawrence