5 Books to Boost Your Mood

5 Books to Boost Your Mood

Sometimes it just takes a little healthy distraction to take your mind off stress, responsibilities, and all of life’s obstacles. Here are 5 books that truly can boost your mood and motivation so that you feel empowered to conquer your day and confident in your skills. Get motivated and stimulate your positivity!

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Living an Awesome Life

Reading just one chapter of this book will instantly lighten your mood, motivate you, and give you a sense of self enlightenment. Jen Sincero dives into all the mental roadblocks we give ourselves and challenges our perspectives about our lives and ourselves. She discusses relationships, money, religion or “the source energy” as she refers to it, and much more. You Are a Badass is a collection of ideas that will surely bring you back to reality and get you on your feet.

Read just one chapter a day or simply when you are in a negative mood to remain a total badass!

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Girls Who Run The World: 31 CEOs Who Mean Business

This one is for the girls! Have you ever felt diminished in a business world dominated by men? Or better, have you ever envied a woman of power who gracefully turned a man’s world into her own? Well this book is going to be the key to harnessing that power.

Read from 31 different CEO’s perspectives about business and how they got where they are today. Learn, apply, and replicate the skills these women share to find the same fortitude in your life.

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milk and honey

Poetry is good for the soul, and Rupi Kaur does the utmost brilliant job as conveying and connecting to human nature. Milk and honey is a short poetry book discussing inner struggles, feelings, relationships, and self-worth. Rupi’s voice carries deep into our human connection of empathy and illuminates our need for an emotional outlet.

Read milk and honey to find a sense of connectedness and share the voice of Rupi as she opens up her heart to reveal her story.

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Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius

This read is a bit more in depth that the other options in this blog, but if you need a heavy dive into redefining your perspective then this is a perfect fit. Eric Wahl acquaints us with the ideas that are constantly constricting our mind’s ability to reach outside the box. Allow him to guide you through exercises and experiences that refine your thinking and help you rediscover your creative genius.

No one ever changed the world by thinking like the rest of it, find a new way of imagination and start making change today.

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Badass: Making Users Awesome

Kathy Sierra originally has her claim to fame by writing a coding instruction book, but her defining uniqueness is the way she wrote the book. She wrote with minimal wording, copious images, and intriguing thought bubbles instantaneously grabbing your attention. She made what was originally “boring”, a total attention whore! Badass is focused on the idea that the user of a product or service are essentially the only reason it’s successful, because the user feels awesome when they use what you sell them.

If you want to change your vision on how to market and serve your customer or bring a new perspective to your job, check out what Kathy has to say about being a total badass.

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Between these five options, you are bound to find motivation, success, and most importantly, an alluring new perspective.

Find what inspires you to be the best you! Comment below if you have another amazing read to add to this collection of mood boosting books.

By, Delaney Lawrence

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