I have been super obsessed with a few items I recently added to my closet as well as a few that have returned for fall. I typically get stuck on certain colors or styles which alter over time and I’m ready to share.. Keep reading and find out what my favorite outfit picks are right now!

Here’s what’s currently on my highlighted clothing rack:

Not all my favorite fall outfit picks are on this rack (because I am super OCD about the colors matching). However, I will show photos of all my picks so you can see how I style them and why I love them!

Brandy Melville Light Blue Cropped Zip Up

I am officially cutting off all of my tops until further notice! I love a good cropped ANYTHING.

Just the other day I posted an IG rocking this muted blue zip-up. Not only did I look good, but I was prepared with a hood for those fall showers.

I love that this cropped jacket is ribbed and made of the softest material. It makes for the perfect jacket to grab out the door when I don’t want to ruin an outfit with a huge coat but want to be warm. This find is actually from PacSun and although I don’t prefer Brandy because of their limited sizing, I do really love how all their pieces can be mixed and matched.

I am by no means one size or size 0 so don’t be afraid to try their clothes on! Brandy seems scary because of their sizing but many of their items are extremely stretchy and versatile for a size range.

Levi’s Straight Leg Jeans

Everyone needs a casual, reliable pair of denim. You are going to love a pair of Levi’s!

I walked into a Levi’s store about a month ago and didn’t anticipate finding these gems. However, I am so glad that I did because I have worn them countless times since.

The nice thing about Levi’s is that they are cost friendly, super comfortable, and versatile. I paid about $60 for these which I felt was a total steal. It’s easy to dress these up or down, which is why they are my go to pant right now.

Remember to try them on before you buy or go by my rule of thumb – size down. My pants have stretched out a bit since purchase and I feel as though I could of even gotten a smaller size.

The jeans pictured here have distress at the bottom of the pant and under the butt. FYI, I did that myself since I felt like the price was justifiable enough. If you want to learn how to distress your own jeans, comment below!

P.S. I am also obsessed with this sweater top and it’s from TARGET. It has a matching cropped sweater to wear over the top which is a perfect way to layer up or down.

Oversized Vintage Champion Hoodie

Hoodies are my saving grace when it gets chilly outside. Particularly, hoodies are great because they are cozy and fashionable thanks to today’s athleisure hype.

I do a fair amount of shopping at online vintage stores, which is where I found this men’s oversized red Champion hoodie. If you also shop vintage, look for sweatshirts that are reverse-weave. They tend to be higher quality and will be heavier which is ultimately cozier.

My favorite part about this piece is that it can almost be worn as a dress, even though I always throw shorts under it. I like to pair it with some Nike AirForce sneakers and a designer purse to make it edgy.

If you have never shopped at vintage stores but love sweatshirts like this, then you probably know they can be expensive. Especially new! I shop on a handful of awesome sites that resell and I always shop with ease. If you want to know where to find reliable vintage clothing leave a comment below.

Brandy Melville Cream Cropped Sweater

Another Brandy pick that I sourced from Pacsun. Since I walked in Pacsun, I had to grab just a few hot items before I left and this was other one I loved.

In general, I adore cream tones for all seasons but there is something about various tans and creams in the fall that just blend well with other seasonal colors.

My favorite part about this sweater is that it’s cropped, which I already mentioned is my style go to right now. I also can easily build an outfit on this sweater because it’s a perfect fall basic. It’s also something I could wear as a shirt or as a layer over another top.

Two Toned Jeans

My last favorite fall pick in general is a pair of funky pants! In this case, it happens to be my two toned denim pants from Revice. These spice up any outfit and make the chilly weather more fun.

I have bought denim from Revice for a long time now and always LOVE their materials and fits. Every pair hugs my waist and easily fits my bum. If I pay attention to the style of the pant, I can also get jeans from them that are long enough for my legs (I’m 5’8″).

These pants are my kryptonite! I always get a plethora of compliments on them and I feel like a boss.

Whether I want to be casual or not, these work with it all. I wore these to a rooftop in Seattle with a pair of Champion tennis shoes, but also could pair them with booties.

More Outfit Picks?

Did you like seeing what I have been wearing? I use my social media like Instagram and Pinterest to get new outfit ideas and thought that sharing my personal styles right now might inspire someone else’s style. We are all about inspiring each other and positive influence!

If you have any questions about these picks, reach out!

xx, Delaney Lawrence