There have been some really fun and different styles popping up on my social media, which has really inspired me to try them out. In this blog I’m going to share women’s most popular clothing trends and styles as well as the influencers and brands that are surely catching everyone’s eyes selling them. I’m so excited to take the inspiration that I have documented here into my own social media as well as see all your guys pictures, posts, and style ideas. Let’s kill this season’s trends!!

The Orange Trend

Orange has never been one of my favorite colors, potentially until now. There’s something so vibrant and daring about styling orange this year. 

I’ve been obsessing over bikini and street apparel brands that have been incorporating beautiful orange tones into their lines. Some of my favorite on Instagram are shown below.

It’s such a statement to wear a pop of color, and orange is a huge building block of styles and clothing trends this season.

How to wear orange?

  • Nails
  • Accessory details (hats, socks, purses, sunglasses)
  • In patterns (bikini patterns, pant patterns, shirt or shoe patterns)
  • Picture edits (make that orange pop!)

Baggy Pant Trend

I’ve been dying to try this trend, but the Arizona heat has me dying to never wear pants! Lol.

Regardless, I am so excited to visit California and home (Washington State) so that I have the opportunity to dive into this trend.

Three great things about this trend:

  1. This is the comfiest, most stylish, laid back trend ever – I mean, it’s literally cozy pants
  2. You can choose your size, baggier or less baggy, rips or no rips, low waist or high waist
  3. Jeans, sweats, linen, whatever! Choose the material and brand you like

One brand I consistently  see doing this trend really well is Adika and I’m planning on doing a haul from there soon. You’ll want to stay tuned on my Instagram so you don’t miss the YouTube video drop.

I feel like everyone can take part in this trend, find what suits them and style it up with accessories and fun pops of color for summer.

Browns and Nudes

I seriously have NEVER been so obsessed with a trend. It’s the perfect blend of creams, browns, and nudes for me and I am never gong back. 

As many of you know, athleisure has become one of the most popular styles across the board, whether that be going to work, sunday brunch dates, nights out, chilling at home, the nudes have it covered. 

Some of my favorite brands these days all have their basics in 50 shades of brown. I always thought that black and white would dominate my closet, but brown has become the best alternative and gives so much more of a powerful contrast in an outfit whether you are dressed up or down.

Setactive has quickly become one of my favorite basics brands, and they always have a new shade that catches my eye. My favorites in the past have been Dune and Espresso, but they drop a new tone every month!

Trend and Style Takeaways

You can tell that we have some similar themes going from all clothing trends mentioned here. The orange trend seems to be dominating bikini brands as well as the green hues and mashed together bright patterns. You can even see some of the brown and nude trends bleeding together with the orange, mixing and matching to create a new look. 

Athleisure, obviously, has become everyone’s favorite excuse for a stylish outfit. I love how Setactive has made neutral colors and basics so that we can look coordinated and put together (even though we are in our sweatpants!)

I can’t wait to try out all of these trends as well as see what all these brands have coming up next, because they are all killing it – and so are you!! 

Worried about finding your size shopping at all these Instagram stores? I wrote you a perfect hack on how to make sure you get the right size every time you shop online, check it out here.

Happy shopping and come back soon.