I have to start out and say, these San Diego Sunsets are to die for and the pictures are about to speak for themselves. The craziest part about it is – I only took sunset pictures ONE night. The beautiful colors danced in the sky, making for the most amazing hour on the beach.

Let me tell you quickly how we ended up on the beach…

Newport Ave and Cable Street

I was only in San Diego for 3 short days, which was definitely not enough time to crack open all the amazing things we could experience. Luckily, I had some lovely guides that have been around there awhile and led to me to the best stuff the quickest.

We started our afternoon near Newport Ave and Cable St, which is the cutest little hippie, beachy part of town. You can window shop all up and down the street finding clothing boutiques, gift shops, San Diego style art stores, adorable plant shops, and of course tons of little pop up food kiosks and restaurants.

Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmer’s Market

On our way to our next location, we took a stroll through the farmer’s market right near Pacific Beach. This market only happens on Tuesday – I was lucky!! It has that small town feel with tons of vendors (and samples.) We didn’t stay long, but it’s definitely worth a walk through. There was lots of good energy and happy humans.

Pueblo – Mexican Restaurant

Pueblo was such a gem of a restaurant! It’s right in the heart of Pacific Beach’s town and was super tasty. I love to try new food and was super satisfied with the spicy shrimp tacos. They were DELICIOUS. I really shouldn’t forget to tempt you with their lengthy margarita list either. I tried one with jalapeño infused tequila, which was fairly spicy, be careful (lol.)

My food eats first IG story….

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Finally – San Diego Sunset Pics

This is surely why you’re here, and mostly why I even wrote this to begin with. We headed to Pacific Beach (just a walk away from the restaurant) around 7pm. I’ll also mention I visited in June, so be wary of sunset times different parts of the year. Anyway, we walked over and were quickly impressed by the advancing, colorful sunset.

It seriously just continued to get better and better.

We took 1000 pictures, I’m sure. Haha.

SO OBSESSED, it’s my phone background now. Download it on Pinterest so we can twin. (;

San Diego – Go Visit?

Okay so now you have incentive to go visit, and someone who wants to see your San Diego sunset pictures. Come back and let me know how your adventure went!!

By, Delaney Lawrence