Picnics are arguable the best and most intimate way to unwind an evening with a close friend or a loved one. It’s super easy to plan for as well, just grab a tote or a basket, fill it with some of your household snacks, maybe a couple cups, some wine, and a blanket. My new favorite place to picnic is Papago Park, one of the best picnic spots in Scottsdale, AZ. It’s beautiful and has tons of space, so you can pick from lots of spots and views to enjoy the night. Papago is surely the best picnic spot in the Scottsdale area. Desert botanical garden

Papago Park

Papago Park sits right in between Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix which is really the heart of this area. The park is huge and when I say huge I really mean a whopping 1200 acres! There are many ways to experience Papago Park, so feel free to check out all the other amazing features of the park at this related article. However, for picnics, I would recommend visiting the Hole in the Rock, which will take you to the popular sunset-gazing location. Here you will find easy parking, multiple available spots among the cacti, around the two ponds, or even up on the rock if you’re feeling up to it. Everyone seems to find their spot right in time to catch the outstanding desert sunset.

Packing for the Best Picnic Spots

Mason (my boyfriend) and I decided that picnics are a fun little adventure for us, and so we intentionally bought a picnic basket, blanket, and cups from Target so we can be avid picninc-ers. I love being outside and absolutely die over every sunset, so we thought picnics could get us out of the house for dinner more often without having to actually travel far.

Here’s the basket, blanket, and cups I picked up from Target! Maybe after we’ve discovered more of the best picnic spots, we will find some fancier things. Until then…

Here’s a list of the other things we brought. All last minute grabs!

  • We stopped at Jersey Mike’s for some sandwiches
  • Camera – to document of course
  • Pretzel chips
  • Dark chocolate
  • Red wine

How it Went

We honestly had so much fun! It was a short little adventure, but made our day! Papago park is by far one of the best picnic spots, but also just the best place to watch the desert sunset. The big sky leaks vibrant colors as far as the east horizon and settle in the reddest hues. My favorite lighting is right before the leftover light from the sunset disappears, that’s when we like to take most of our pictures.

While we were there, Mason helped me film a product video for a brand I work with called My Toqi. They contacted me because of my other website called Weed With Del, but they also have incredible products like their super charging Power Bank. Check that out on my Instagram Reels to see the views!

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More Best Picnic Spots?

A picnic can be anything you want! Think about who you can get to know better, the snacks you want to reward yourself with, or even just the mental relief from being outside – it’s a great idea! There are so many social things to do in Arizona that sometimes I actually find it quite overwhelming so in our spare time when we want to do something new, we tend to try to explore. I’m so happy we found ourselves here at the best picnic spot ever!!!

Let me know if you try out a picnic in Papago. I would love to hear about your experience!

By, Delaney Lawrence