As of February of 2021, I officially moved from Washington state to Arizona, which has been the most amazing life change. I didn’t expect to meet such amazing people, have so many things to do and opportunities, and do so much exploring as we have been. I LOVE it! If you’re ever visiting Tempe, here are some things to do while you’re visiting. So many great options, food, and activities.

Taco Bell Cantina

Yes – it’s a bar. Yes – it’s still Taco Bell.

I love this idea because it’s what we know and love about a normal Taco Bell, nachos and cheese, cheesy Gordita crunch, or Crunchwrap supreme, but with a twist! At this type of Taco Bell you can spike your Baja Blast, enjoy a blended margarita, or even grab a draft beer. Tempe must be mini Vegas because it’s the only other place I have ever found to have a Taco Bell Cantina.

Although it is a bar, which means you can’t take your drinks to go, they have plenty of seating for you to enjoy a hybrid of a fast food and dining experience still at a low fast food price. This is one of my favorite things to do with my friends, especially before going out in Old Town.

Candy Shop

You may be thinking, what’s so special about a candy shop? The truth is, nothing, but the vibes and spontaneity. My friends and I came here not long ago to take some fun/vintage candy shop type photos for my friend’s brand World is Ours.

I loved the employee working at the time, she was super chill and enjoyed having us in there. I also had major childhood flashbacks because this candy shop has all the old OG candies we reminisce about.


Once we got over looking like a bunch of goofballs, we were absolutely stoked to transport around via Bird. Birds are those little rentable scooters and are a great alternative to driving or ubering.

We live so close to Mill Ave, we ended up taking bird scooters all the way home! If you plan on staying in Tempe for your trip, this is a great way to have fun and save money on rides. All you have to do is download the Bird app and make sure you set up an account, then you are ready to Bird whenever you find a scooter!

Photos by ASU

So you’re on vacation and wondering where you’re going to take that perfect social media sharable photo… I got you.

Mason and I often shoot right over by the ASU library which is a little bit more on the south part of Mill.


I have taken promo videos, profile shots, product pictures, and fun pictures all in this general area. I love all the palm trees in the backgrounds and the orange-y tones of the buildings give me major desert vibes. It’s absolute proof you’re on vacation! (;

Dinner at Caffe Boa

This hole in the wall Italian restaurant will definitely impress you. One of our close friends showed us this spot right when we moved down and we have gone back at least once a month since. Caffe Boa sits right at the north side of Mill right in between 3rd and 5th.

My favorite plate from Caffe Boa has got to be their Voodoo Penne. I am seriously not a big pasta person, but this cajun sauce, perfectly cooked chicken, and added peppers and onions are to die for. Every person I have recommended this plate has been more than satisfied. If you happen to be at Caffe Boa on the weekdays before 4pm they usually are offering a lunch special for about $15. I love catching this deal so I can get half Voodoo Penne and half Caesar salad for an amazing deal.

Don’t forget to try their drinks. They have a dainty bar with great bartenders. If you want to try my favorite drink, order an espresso martini. They make them to perfection!

What Things to do First

Don’t think, just get out there! It’s time to go find these awesome spots and explore, there are so many things to do in Tempe. I have loved getting to know this town for the last 6 months and can’t wait to share more awesome spots in Arizona. Interested in Picnics?

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By, Delaney Lawrence