There truly is nothing more relaxing than spending some time by the shore. I recently visited Longbeach, Washington with some family to rest and reset. We ended up camping for three days with just a short walk to the beach. It was quite chilly, but it was really nice to have a change of pace compared to the Arizona summer heat. The sun definitely showed off though…

Rest & Reset With These Sunsets

The sunsets were to die for! My favorite thing about the beach has to be the sounds of the ocean and the sunsets, which make it easy to rest and reset. I feel like beach trips always help with my anxiety by bringing me back to a better mental state. Something about being around mother nature at her finest impacts me positively.

What I Did

I got some time to run around on the beach and get creative. It was an opportunity for me to take a break, but also to make what inspires me. I loved the salt water taffy pictures – so bright!

We also took some time to visit town, which is where I found the taffy. We walked around, went into local shops, ate some local food, and looked at all the hand-made art.

One of my favorite things is street art – I really liked this wall in town so I documented it. the blue sky made it extra beautiful.

Rest & Reset: Where We Stayed

As I mentioned, we ended up camping or “glamping” in RV’s. We stayed at the Long Beach RV & Camping Resort, which was clean, open, and convenient.

Looking Forward

I suppose my initial beach choice would be somewhere super tropical, I hate being cold, but also the brisk air was so refreshing. I really loved getting some down time especially because the beach wasn’t very busy.

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By, Delaney Lawrence