One of the most frustrating parts about the industry is that there aren’t many places to find reliable information. New cannabis information periodically comes up but itโ€™s difficult to stay up to date or get updates. Until it’s federally legal in the US, we will continue to struggle to gather all the information. However, these hot commodities require reliable places to learn, read news, and understand changes. Especially since this industry is such a powerful and growing one, it will be even more pertinent in the years to come. Check out these 5 places that you can count on to have the industry inside information!


Leafly has built a powerful repository of news articles, informational videos and blogs, dispensary information, and much more. They have an app and website, making it easy to access at any time with any intention in mind. Use Leafly as the ultimate source to learn about products by simply searching their repository of articles.

A unique feature of Leafly is their cannabis visualization charts. This was one of their first features and made differentiating all aspects of different strains simplified. The visuals are a flower aesthetic demonstrating indica or sativa and the three dominant terpenes. Terpenes are the natural aromas and fragrances of the cannabis plant that heighten certain aspects of using the strain.

Blue Dream Visualization

Read more about terpenes on Leaflyโ€™s website and find strains you want to try near you.


The NCIA is the National Cannabis Industry Association, who advocates to defend and expand the responsible cannabis industry in the US. They typically hold multiple conferences and industry networking nights throughout the year within various large cities. NCIA is a non-profit with the pure goal of advocating for legality, which gives them credibility for news, updates, and other legislation information.

NCIA builds a strong cannabis community through their events, but they built a reputation to education others. Check in with their resources regularly to get updated and reliable cannabis information about regulations and political change.

Given the current times, NCIA has been providing a multitude of online webinars for training, awareness, and advocacy. Check out their website for more information about current events going on.

High Times

High Times is a publication that suits the ideal culture of the marijuana industry. They keep the pre-legal aura alive while showcasing what modern cannabis businesses look like. Their publication is awesome because they arenโ€™t afraid to get into the details of whatโ€™s going on. They post about marijuana businesses, marijuana, hemp, and various subjects that may be less posted on state sites.

High Times is a great place to meet raw cannabis culture and learn what the OG users know about the industry. Their categories include entertainment, food, people, science, and sports. Then they focus on how these aspects of life are impacted by the newly legal cannabis and hemp industries.

Although they have information about legislation, business, and politics, their publication is more of a lifestyle and open-learning type news. Their content aims to intrigue, teach, and entertain the audience. Check out High Times to get a good dose of raw marijuana content.


Ganjapreneur is an extremely consistent and non-bias source of hemp and cannabis information. I like to visit their site especially for legalization news, strange scientific findings, and industry interviews and podcasts. Their also stay active on social and it’s a great way to get news on Instagram. Their online platform is super easy to navigate and stems from the basic subjects such as CBD, Business, Politics, Legalization, Recreational, Medical, and Industrial Hemp.

One of my favorite things is their set of resources: events, jobs, reviews, books, studies, vocabulary, domains, and stocks. Their podcasts are also unique to their site, with interesting interviews with industry professionals, leaders, and spokespersons.ย 

Their site design is also a personal favorite. You can expect interesting articles about various subjects such as new hemp projects and products.


The ICBC is the International Cannabis Business Conference, which is actually more of an organization than just a conference group. They represent outside North America, which gives them credibility to speak to international legalization matters and world-wide impacts of production. They hold about 5 different conferences a year in locations such as Berlin, Zurich, and Vancouver. Their aim to cultivate international connections among industry leaders and companies, but also pave the way for international legalization advocacy.ย 

ICBC publishes news where you will find some of the best articles about legalization around the world. Finding information about legality in the cannabis industry is quite difficult especially when jurisdictions have limited legality, only decriminalization, or is extremely unclear or, worse, in another language. ICBC patches the gap between doing hardcore legislative international research and understanding the global cannabis and hemp markets.ย 

ICBC has also been publishing online networking events for people to attend to keep the world cannabis industry alive! Check out their website for more.

Start Learning

Both cannabis and hemp industries are extremely foreign to most people because finding reliable and understandable information is still somewhat inaccessible. 

If you want to learn about strains and products, try out Leafly. If you want to know about the various legality and ways to get involved, try NCIA or ICBC since both impact cannabis/hemp legalization advocacy. Finally, if you simply want to get intrigued by the crazy stuff going on in this popping industry โ€“ try Ganjapreneur or High Times! If you’re curious about legalization in the US, check out my personal opinion on federal legalization.

Youโ€™re ready to get acquainted with the high industry – let me know what cool facts you discover!

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Weed Wednesdays by, Delaney Lawrence