This post was inspired by National CBD day which happens every year on August 8th. Pure CBD oil is a hot new topic given all the amazing benefits people are discovering. There’s still a lot of questions about which products to trust and all the terminology with product differences can be confusing. Luckily, I’m reviewing all my favorite products here, with explanations of the differences, benefits, and downsides.

Today we are taking a look at Ambassador CBD, pure CBD oil designed to help with stress reduction, better sleep, and increased focus.

Pure CBD Oil

What is pure CBD oil and how do I know that my product is indeed that? Well, firstly pure CBD oil is extracted from the legal hemp plant, cannabis’ plant “cousin”. The hemp plant is different because the dominant cannabinoid is CBD, compared to the cannabis plant where the dominant cannabinoid is THC (psycho-active) which gives you the high. People often wonder where CBD can make you high, and pure CBD oil will not make you high because the hemp plant naturally has less than 0.3% THC content.

What I loved about Ambassador CBD when I checked out their website was that they are forward and open about their products. I reviewed their CBD guide page to get a better understanding of their products and was impressed with the time they had taken to really explain what these products are, where they come from, how they are made, and more! Given that Ambassador CBD only has 6 main products, this was a very intentional and helpful activity they took to ensure their customers trusted their work.

The Brand: Ambassador CBD

Ambassador CBD has 6 products that all differ mostly so that every user can find a product that meets their criteria. They offer pure, full spectrum oil, broad spectrum oil, and CBD isolate. Luckily, you can try their CBD quiz to help you narrow down your choices and understand all the product differences. They have also added a sample pack CBD flight with 4 tester-size droppers, which allows you to try multiple products at once without the commitment.Β 

Since CBD is just one of many cannabinoids that occur within the cannabis and hemp plant, there are many different ways to get CBD. There are also many ways to extract CBD which all have different effects, so it can definitely become overbearing for a new user to get familiar fast. 

Take their CBD quiz! This way you will know what product they believe best fits your needs.

Pure CBD Oil Products

ThThe two products that I tried are the Rionegro Full Spectrum CBD Oil and the Trelawny Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.

The Rionegro features a honey color, pronounced cannabis flavors, a smooth texture, a cloudy appearance, pungent cannabis and citrus smells, and high terpene content. 

The Trelawny features a clear yellow color, a bitter and slightly spiced aftertaste, an oily texture, high clarity, slightly bitter smell, and it’s broad spectrum.

The main difference is that the Trelawny has no THC in it at all, while the Rionegro may have small traces of THC (still legal hemp.) The Rionegro may perform better in effectiveness due to the entourage effect. This is when both CBD and THC are present. The two cannabinoids work together for a higher effectiveness of relaxation, de-stress, better sleep, etc. It’s a feature of full-spectrum products. However, if you want a product with no THC at all, then a product like Trelawny does just the same without THC.

Product Review

I personally really liked both products, but I favored the Rionegro. I felt as though it gave me enhanced relaxation. I’m an often cannabis user and enjoy full-spectrum products because I think they work the best for me. 

Tinctures are my biggest recommendation when people ask me about a CBD product to use daily. You may be looking for less stress or increased focus or both, and a tincture is the best way to do that. 


  • Pure oil
  • No added sugars (like gummies or vapes)
  • Works in 15-20 minutes (goes straight into your bloodstream)
  • Lasts about 2 hours
  • 30 doses in one bottle (a whole month)

The Verdict

Buy and try! What I really like about this brand is that they are open about their CBD, their history, their company, and how they make their products. They even take an extra step by adding a QR code on every bottle so consumers can see the Certificate of Analysis from every bottle’s third party testing. This type of honesty is incredibly important in the CBD industry right now especially because there are so many dupe products. 

Check out more updates on CBD products fromAmbassador CBD on their Instagram and as always follow Weed With Del to get exclusive updates!

Thanks for reading.

Weed Wednesdays by, Delaney Lawrence.