Finding reliable products can be hard, especially when there are a lot of products available. One product that I have deemed one of the best and most reliable products, the Bloom Farms tincture. It comes in multiple dosages, is consistent, and is effective for all day relief.

Who is Bloom Farms?

Bloom Farms is a brand that values a positive, balanced, and healthy lifestyle, with a promising community vibe and great products. There are a few specific things I really like about this brand before even discussing their products:

  • Publish their test results
  • Community and learning page
  • Do NOT claim to be FDA approved (no CBD is)
  • Products have purposes (sleep, focus, balance, etc.)
  • Packaging/branding

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What’s The Product?

The bloom farms product I currently take everyday is called the β€œ300 mg Balance CBD Tincture” which is a full-spectrum, organically grown CBD oil (shown above.) The oil essentially has little to no taste but if you are familiar with the taste of hemp, you will recognize it slightly. Every 1/4 mL has 2.5 mg of CBD in it, making it super easy to take small doses throughout my day and because it is a tincture, it quickly dissolves and takes effect. You administer the product by taking your desired amount into the dropper (I typically take about 5-10 mg) and drop it under your tongue to hold for 60-90 seconds. After the time has passed, most of the oil should be somewhat dissolved.

Why do I Love it?

I love this product right now because I actually think the small dosage helps monitor my stress and anxiety better than higher dosage products. I would prefer to take 5-10 mg of CBD twice throughout the day as I feel necessary to regulate my stress than to take 25 mg in the morning. This oil definitely helps with my anxiety, making me feel calmer as soon as the CBD takes effect.

I have also noticed that this product makes me feel extremely focused, and I am able to focus on my tasks without distractions. This may be a side result of having less anxiety so I can focus more, but either way I am so pleased with how this product makes me feel.

What Should I Try Next?

Bloom Farms sells other tinctures, vapes, and topicals (lotions) in their shop. I am extremely interested in trying one of their vape products, especially since their tincture is so awesome. Their oils must be great! I will write back here with there products I have tried when I have taken the plunge. 

What Else?

Visit back soon to see what CBD products I am trying next so that you always get to test out my favorites! Are you curious about what type of CBD product is right for you? Read more about CBD here.

By, Delaney Lawrence