What Is RSO And Is It Better Than Edibles?

Welcome to Weed Wednesdays! This week we are discussing RSO specifically and what it is, but also whether we like it better than regular edibles.

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What is RSO?

RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is a full cannabis extract oil made to be taken orally or applied topically. It’s made of extremely concentrated cannabis parts including THC and other cannabinoids. When you pick this up at the dispensary, it’s usually packaged in a small plastic tube container and has a syrup-like consistency. A normal dosage of RSO is about the size of a grain of rice – a little goes a long way! This makes it great for baking your own edibles, making lotions, or adding oil to your flower.

What’s the Difference between RSO or Edibles?

RSO is concentrated oil and edibles are typically some type of confection made with oil already infused in it.

One difference between RSO and edibles are the amount of milligrams you get. Typically, you can only legally buy about 100 milligrams in edibles (each dosed at 10 mg.) When it comes to RSO, you actually get anywhere from 100-1000 mg per tube. We recently got a tube of 1000 mg of RSO from our local dispensary for only $50! Which is a crazy deal and an extensive amount of highs before you run out compared to 10 edibles per pack.

What’s left of what we bought: not a lot. Lol.

How I look when I take RSO: Happy asf.

How Does It Feel?

In my experience, edibles tend to scare people, so I expect that RSO may seem even scarier. My personal opinion between the feeling of an edible high or an RSO high is that RSO feels cleaner. Since the oil is in its rawest, most concentrated form, the high is also concentrated. It’s elevating!

I experience good highs with both types of products and find edibles more convenient. However, I enjoy RSO much more. I like being able to dose out as much as I want, enjoy the clean high, get incredibly happy, and I can add it to my favorite snack. We typically keep dark chocolate in the freezer for this reason exactly.

Two other comments about edibles: sugar content and production processes. I tend to stray from sugar when possible, because sugar can impact your CBD and THC edibles. I specifically mention sugar content when people are looking for a product to help them sleep. Sugar can make falling asleep harder because it spikes your energy. Also be mindful that all production processes are different. Some companies may be better at quality control than others. I’ve had edibles that make me feel groggy and tired and I’ve had incredible tasty edibles that give me a happy, focused high.

How Do I Choose?

Ask your budtenders! And check your dispensary reviews!

I always talk to my budtender about what they’ve tried, what’s popular, what other people like, and what they like. Finding out good products and trying new things is the best way to find your favorite product! Experiment and explore – it’s so fun!

Weed Wednesdays by, Delaney Lawrence