As DaVinci says, this one is for the “vape connoisseurs!” One of the newest devices I’ve tried is the DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer. It’s their most advanced herb and oil friendly vaporizer. It features a cooler vapor, ultimate flavor profile, and precision temperature. It’s a customizable and clean smoking experience that’s unlike any other. Let’s explore what the IQ2 has to offer, how to use it, and review the product all together.

How it Works

DaVinci made the IQ2 with the user as the forefront of their mind. It’s an airtight, durable vaporizer made with the best materials to keep impurities out of the smoke. See the technology below.

The IQ2 is unique for its airtight vapor path and for being 50% cooler vapor than other vaporizers. It’s model also includes a flavor chamber, where you can add dried fruit rinds or herbs such as mint or oregano. Subscribe to my blog now so that you can receive an update on the flavor chamber. Mint, rosemary, cilantro, I’m going to try it all! 


Clean Smoke

Yes, you read right, a flower vaporizer like IQ2 is one of the cleanest ways to smoke. This is because the vaporizer technology smoothly extracts THC and CBD in it’s micro oven and translates it into a clean, pure smokable vapor. 

Brilliant Accessories

What I loved about my DaVinci was the attention to detail. There are so many built in tools and accessories made specifically for the DaVinci. They really thought of everything. There’s the small metal hook to grab the dosage pods, dosage pod cases, a specific dosage grinder, and so much more! It’s well done, really. They put all the most important and pertinent pieces in the actual device and built incredible accessories to fit well with it, without overdoing it. 


Being able to smoke flower on the go can be messy and smelly, but using flower is the best smoking experience many advanced cannabis users would argue. The IQ2 is great because it eliminates these problems and is small, handheld, and easy to use and charge. 


Higher price point, but for a higher quality. So is it worth it? Definitely. For the vape connoisseurs who want to enhance their daily, on the go experience, this is the perfect tool. It may not be as attractive for someone new to smoking or someone unready to commit to the expense. However, I still see this type of product being what a mature cannabis user would aim to have. It’s clean, portable, versatile, and customizable. What more can you ask for? It’s a perfect, reliable high every time.

Overall Review of DaVinci’s IQ2

It’s been an adaptation having access to a powerful tool like the IQ2. It’s also been really fun to learn about and use more often. With my dosage holder, I can take 6 doses with me (not including the one I packed in the IQ2). This allows me to be gone all day with access to clean, smokable flower. On the contrary, when I’m home, I can customize my experience by adding oil, dried herbs to the flavor chamber, and try out the 4 smoking experiences.

I would recommend DaVinci to anyone who cares about the quality of the things they smoke (which should be everyone!) IQ2 is empowering avid cannabis users to have an elevated experience, and I’m on board!

Weed Wednesdays By, Delaney Lawrence