The largest cannabis conference in the world, MJ Bizcon, was in Las Vegas on October 20th-22nd. I got the privilege to visit MJ this year and get a full update on the cannabis industry as well as meet some amazing industry leaders and professionals. The is where cannabis innovators and thriving companies showcase their work. It’s them who are paving the way for the future of the industry and without a doubt making history. The cannabis industry is exploding and I’m here to tell you some of the cool moments I had here and some outstanding companies.

Largest Cannabis Conference

This is indeed the largest cannabis conference in the world. There are a handful of small events across the country every year, and even in other countries around the world, but this one is the largest. It takes up central and north halls of the Vegas conference center (1,300+ Exhibitors). This conference is very professional and consumption is not allowed. Everyone connects over product outside the conference, especially since Vegas has become a very matured market in recent years. Vegas is the home of over 40 licensed dispensaries including the largest in the world (Planet 13) owning a whopping 112,000 square feet of space. This conference had it all and Vegas is the perfect place to pull everyone together.

Long story short, I was slightly overwhelmed when I stepped into the conference. So many vendors and new faces – but also WOW so exciting.

Vendors That Caught My Eye

There’s some amazing companies out there right now, doing amazing things. I obviously didn’t get the chance to meet all 1,300 exhibitors, but some of them did stand out!

Puff Co.

It’s been simple to find knock off’s of vape pens, flower pens, specific bongs, and whatever other gadgets there are but the true industry innovators are making products like Puff Co. Puff Co has been a brand I’ve had my eye on for a while. I really appreciate the detail they pay to the end user (the smoker) and ensuring the smoker’s experience and convenience is enhanced. I went to their booth and got a full rundown on their products and was so impressed with their collection of vaporizers, electric dab rig, and accessoreis. They feel like the Apple of dab rigs.

Dutchie Hotel

It always stands out when there are unique booths and experiences. Dutchie (a POS software company) made their booth into a private “hotel” where you can walk in and actually see the software in action. These types of booths definitely get an A+ in marketing and attract the crowd. So fun! I even got slippers upon exiting.


One of the most innovative things I’ve seen – a total life hack. Boveda sells small humidifier packets that will keep your flower moisturized. This has been awesome for us, since we live in Arizona and it’s so dry. They were giving out samples at the conference so I will be sure to post more about these soon!


I’ve ran into the SunMed staff multiple times at conferences and have always been impressed with their staff and hospitality. They have a large range of CBD products such as tinctures, lotions, and gummies. The CBD gummies were super awesome, with amazing, relaxing effects and their signature relief cream is great for sore feet or muscles.

All in All

Those are just a few of the exhibitors I really enjoyed. It was such a pleasure to chat with all of the professionals and learn a few new things. I still have so many contacts to go back through and look at so subscribe if you would like to hear more about my experience at the largest cannabis conference of the year.

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Thanks for reading!

By, Delaney Lawrence