Every May the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC Las Vegas) takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. hosting over 140,000 people. With 8 stages, multiple side stages, hundreds of dancers and performers, and of course all of the most amazing worldwide DJ’s… it’s hard to NOT want to go. It’s an experience unlike any other and draws in people from all over the world. This is one of the biggest festivals I’ve ever been too and I’m sure many avid festival-goers would agree it’s theirs too. If you’re interested in going to EDC or packing for EDC, you may have all sorts of questions. It’s easy to guess what you’ll need, but let’s discuss EDC this last October, what we planned, experiences, and what we did not expect. Here’s everything you need to know about attending EDC Las Vegas!


Buying Your Tickets

Buy From Insomniac

First and foremost, the obvious step 1 in attending EDC Las Vegas is grabbing your tickets. You may be an early bird and snag them from Insomniac (EDC’s parent company) or you may find them elsewhere. I’d first like to recommend following EDC’s Instagram to get updates about tickets. You can turn on post notifications, which will help you grab the tickets from the source. This way if you have issues with your shipping address, payment, wristband, registration, or anything else Frontgate tickets (their ticket issuer) can easily help you via email or at the will call when you get to the event.

PS. If you get your tickets early you can actually put them on a payment plan called “layaway”. It charges you no interest but allows you to pay for the full ticket price over the course of a few months before the event. This year to get a ticket for 2022 the prices started at just $10 down.

Buy Third Party

You can also opt out and snag your tickets third party. I really don’t recommend ticket websites. It’s typically bad customer service, shipping delays, and little information. I had a friend use SeatGeek for their ticket in 2021 and they didn’t receive their wristband in time for the show… They also had to report the charge as fraud through their credit card company to refund the charge and had to buy a new ticket. In my opinion, not worth it!

Buying from a person on Craigslist, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace, etc. can also come with some uncertainties. Just make sure that you can register the wristband at your meetup so that you have solidified ownership of the ticket. You can usually find the registration url on the wristband or on EDC’s website.

Should I Camp at EDC?


The best part about camping is that once you’re there, you’re there for the weekend from Thursday to Monday. Meaning you get to enjoy the camper exclusive experience with its own Camp EDC stages, pools, and vendors. It’s an immersive experience and it may not be for everyone but it eliminates the need for shuttles, Ubers, or any transportation at all. You can walk everywhere! The amenities are fairly nice with glamping level showers and toilets with a mix of honey buckets here and there in addition.

In the Camp EDC Mesa.

The Mesa is the camp’s main lounge area where they have an olympic sized pool with a DJ, countless vendors specific to Camp EDC, an EDC merch shop featuring Camp EDC exclusives, and a bunch of events. There’s goat yoga, shuffling classes, art classes, roller skating, a tattoo shop, and of course regularly scheduled up and coming artists during the day at the main stage of Camp.

Camping Options and Questions

The choices for camping are either the shift pods, which are essentially glorified tents with electrical outlets (you are still sleeping on the ground, well, turf.) Then there is the RV section where many people bring their own or rent locally. My first year I did a shiftpod, and my second year I did an RV. I personally prefer the RV, it’s quieter, has more amenities at your fingertips, and fit more people (8 compared to 4 in the shiftpod.)

Can my friends come to Camp?

They are fairly strict about campers. You have to get your group in all together at the camping entrance when you first arrive otherwise it becomes complicated to get new people in. We luckily had only 6 of the permitted 8 people we can have in our spot (this is the RV max quantity.) So we ended up getting 2 friends in the day after move in by meeting them outside at security. Make sure you have the camp order number or the reservation number they give you.

Can you leave camp and come back?

Technically yes. Bottom line, the security is available until like midnight of each night (they usually provide hours.) If there’s security to check your bags and let you in, then you should be fine. However, there’s not much nearby but a gas station. I would recommend packing accordingly and using the vendors they provide.

Are there liquor stores? A convenience store? Water?

Yes, yes, yes. Tons of awesome food vendors at camp, they sell beer and wine at a convenience store, and they have a general store with chapstick, sunscreen, and all those good little important things.

How do you get to EDC?

We just walk. We have our own camper entrance. It’s the best and it’s so pretty.

Mason and Del at EDC Entrance
Walking from Camp to EDC.
Is it hard to sleep?

Camping, depending on how close you are to the Mesa can be loud at all times. Everyone is sleeping and partying at consecutive times so bring some earplugs. They are handy inside the festival too if you just need a noise break.

I choose to use Eargasm’s at the show. They decrease the decimals of sound without muffling it.

What food do they have? And Drinks?

You name it, they have it. Smoothies, bowls, chicken strips, pizza, hotdogs, milkshakes, asian food. Lots of options don’t worry. I would recommend packing some things though. It’s a long weekend at camp and it can get spendy. I think our teriyaki chicken bowls were about $16. Not bad, but it was nice to cook in the RV as a backup too.

Drinks are incredibly overpriced. Sometimes inside the show the bartenders pour the well drinks fairly heavy (good for our money) and sometimes they don’t (boo.) Doubles were $19 this year and small seltzers were about the same. Definitely plan to budget for your drinks and figure out how to drink cheaply at your campsite by packing ahead of time.

Staying On The Strip

Another option for those attending EDC but not wanting as an immersive experience is to book a hotel on the strip. This can be really fun as well because The Strip caters to EDC by calling it “EDC Week”. Artists usually come into town and do shows at the clubs all week.

The only big downside of staying downtown is transportation back and forth to the venue. The speedway is about 15-20 minutes from the strip and about 15 minutes from Fremont (Old Vegas Strip just north of The Strip.) The best way to handle this is to book a shuttle from EDC’s website. They have options all over Vegas and you just have to wait in line. Typically, this runs pretty smoothly. They will sell out, buy your pass ahead of time.

Have more questions? Ask them in the comments so I can update the blog with better information!

What To Pack For EDC Las Vegas?


3-4 rave outfits

Hoodies/pants (it can get cold!)

Comfortable walking shoes (can’t stress this enough)

Water backpack (I have a recommendation below)

Blankets, pillows, towels (if camping)

Makeup/toiletries/glitter/accessories (you know the drill)


Shower shoes or flops (mornings, walking to toilets at camp, walking to the lobby, etc.)


Beads (to make bracelets with people)

Yoga mat

Beer/Liquor (one rack allowed per person in the camp)

Lock (for shift pod or backpack, comes in handy)

Toilet paper or wet wipes (in case they are out in the show)


Bandaids (blisters, cuts, just in case)

Choosing a BackPack

There are a ton of water backpack options! An averagely good one I would recommend is Vibdration, it’s fairly standard but it’s built for raves and has the normal bells and whistles. It also is durable and works well.

If you want the BEST option, I would recommend the Gen X backpacks. Mostly for the reason below, but also because it was built for raves BY ravers. It’s also much more customizable than other water backpacks which I enjoy.

Stealing/Phone Snatchers/Lost & Found

FYI – this festival has 140,000 so expect it to reflect a population of that many people! I’ve had incredible experiences with people at the show and never really had any bad occurrences, but there are some bad people hidden in the shadows. Keep your wallet, phone, and anything else important hidden away as much as possible. This last EDC (2021) there were hundreds of phones stolen out of pockets.

This is why I recommend the GenZ anti-theft Hydration pack as the best festival hydration pack. They were designed with the intention of making sure NO ONE STEALS YOUR STUFF and that you have fun 100% of the time. My favorite feature is the hidden pockets right on your back (it’s hard to see but it’s right under the left arm.) Making it impossible for someone to find all the good stuff.

What to Expect

First of all, it’s kind of nuts. The best way for me to describe walking into EDC Las Vegas is by showing you this video of my friends. Lol. Enjoy.

Walking Into EDC Las Vegas


  • Wear good, comfortable shoes.
  • Fill up your water and go to the bathroom RIGHT when you get in.
  • Drink liquids, but sparely, you don’t want to miss out by bathroom hunting all night.
  • Take breaks. Sit down, literally anywhere if you need to.
  • Explore. There’s a lot more there than just music. Rides, experiences, and more!
  • Look at the map, know where water, bathroom, lost and found, lockers, etc.
  • Plan meeting spots with your friends. Suggestion below.
EDC Las Vegas 2021 Lineup
EDC Las Vegas 2021 Map

Meeting Up With Your Friends

Okay, genius idea and honestly I’m going to be mad at myself for sharing if everyone starts doing this. Buy walkie talkies and share them with your friends. Make sure you test out a channel without a ton of other people on it. There is little to no cell service there given the amount of people so this is quite brilliant and works like a charm. We were able to find our friends all weekend.

You can also designate meeting spots. I recommend picking a few throughout the night and sending them to your group the morning of so that the message reaches them. Pick one for 9pm, 11pm, 1am, etc. That way you can’t miss them! And if anyone gets lost, they can just catch you at the next spot. Our group decided on waiting for 15 minutes at the Super Shot entrance (a ride). It’s a good break too.

If you have service… send text time stamps. Add the time to each of your texts (“We are going to Circuit Grounds Right Side 9:13pm”) that way if the text is late, they know when you sent it.

Hanging with the homies!

What Else?

Dude, so much!

Please comment below with questions, comments, suggestions, or literally anything that pertains to this topic. I’d love to expand this blog and make it the best informational article for anyone wanting to make it to EDC Las Vegas prepared.

Thank you for reading and happy raving.

By, Delaney Lawrence