Happy New Year! What are you cooking up for this fabulous new year? This blog is sharing my personal vision board, how I did it, my new year’s methods, and words of encouragement to accomplish your best year yet.

I’ve been working on identifying my Dreams, Goals, Aspirations, and Resolutions. The more we identify and define our intentions, the easier it is to move in that direction.

First thing’s first – VISION BOARD. I chose to use Pinterest for this activity because it’s my favorite way to gather up aesthetic ideas and invoke my dreamer attitude. My manifestations for the year are:

  • Abundance (In love, wealth, health, and life in general.)
  • Mental Growth (Growing my mind through learning, reading, and self love.)
  • Creativity (In my work, in my daily life, and in accomplishing my dreams!)
  • Individuality (Embracing myself. Fully, and without fear.)

2022 Vision / Mood Board

After building my board on Pinterest, I picked out my favorites to create this wallpaper for my phone. I think that seeing is believing, but also repetition helps us to believe. Every time I see it, it helps me mentally manifest what I want to bring and see into the new year.

Vision Board for 2022
2022 Vision Board

This took me DAYS! So if you feel overwhelmed or like you haven’t even started yet – who cares! You have all the time in the world to decide what your goals are. I worked on this a little bit for about a week, every day, religiously. I firmly believe that consistency is what helps accomplish your goals. Even if it means being consistent in defining them!

Reminder: Goals change. Dreams alter. Resolutions fade. Aspirations evolve. Don’t make it impossible, start somewhere and accept you’ll change your mind in a week, month, year, etc. It’s better to pick a goal and move towards it than to stand in the same place never moving at all.

New Year’s Worksheet

I also created a worksheet that can help you really organize your thoughts. Sometimes, all you need is some pen and paper. Grab your notebook, and write down the answers to this worksheet. Or download and print it (if that’s easier!)

New Year's Worksheet
New Year’s Worksheet

Final Words

One of my goals for my blog is to continue to do check-in’s every month. Style updates, mental updates, stories, ideas, and everything in between. Subscribe to continue to cultivate your dream life with me. Let’s manifest it all!

I promise you that this exercise can truly help you find direction and purpose within yourself. Write it down, whatever came to mind reading through this. You may even find you take extra steps, make a new worksheet, journal other things, curate a to-do list. Take ownership! It’s your life, create and build it how you want!

Let me know in the comments if you realized something new, or defined a new year goal for yourself.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

By, Delaney Lawrence