Thinking about giving the gift of herbal medicine? Let’s talk about the best cannabis and cbd holiday gifts I’m buzzing about this season. These stylish and non-user friendly gifts are high quality and classy. Whether you’re looking for a new trusted brand or a new product, this is definitely the right place to be. As this industry grows, new products and brands are popping up all the time. It’s hard to know which ones really are worth the money.

Keep reading to grab one of my favorites for a friend or family member (or maybe, for yourself) this holiday season!

TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer

One of my longest held partners and I seriously can’t describe how much I love this product! Their award winning vape technology has continuously impressed me and many in the industry. It has a long lasting battery, unique look, and powerful heating functions (including 3 temperatures.) They EVEN just came out with a pearl white option, which I have been obsessing over.

It’s reasonable priced at $69.95 CAD and comes with all the necessary accessories. They also have portable power banks that are optimal for mobile charging as well as wireless charging for your vape.

Use DEL10 for a discount off your next TOQi purchase.

DaVinci Dual-Use Vaporizer

This is definitely the Apple of vaporizers! Extremely advanced technology that produces a clean, pure THC vapor for inhale straight from flower or oil. It features a small ceramic oven where you can insert your product of choice. It’s for the vape connoisseur who wants precise temperature control and adjustable airflow.

DaVinci’s IQ2 is their high-end product with the most functionality. It runs about $295 USD. What I love about DaVinci is that I feel like it really is worth the money. It’s a quality product, works really well, offers versatility, it’s portable, and gives the cleanest high I’ve ever tried!

Watch below to see how it works! There’s some amazing accessories curated just for DaVinci shown as well.

Budzy CBD Subscription Box

If you’re new to CBD or looking for the perfect way to introduce someone to CBD – get Budzy! There’s really no better holiday gifts for your friends or family than allowing them to explore CBD on their own terms without commitment. Budzy is a women-oriented CBD subscription box that comes with a variety of products. Instead of having to pick out good products yourself, give that task to Budzy, and then you’re able to try them all!

FashionKush Attire

Buying gifts for a stoner ready to show it off? Fashionably, of course! I absolutely love what Fashion Kush has done to stylize cannabis users. My goal with Weed Wednesdays has always been to normalize and to educate. I think adding little hints in your clothing is such a bold way to express yourself and start conversations.

One of my favorites from them is this “Successful Stoner Club” t-shirt in a bright, bold, leafy green. Perfect for holiday gifts to your friends!

CannaStyle Glassware

Looking for a cool new glass piece to give? This is by far my favorite place to shop! It’s so girly and fun. They have so many unique pieces like a Lava lamp bong, pineapple bong, strawberry dab sets, and more! Simply put, smoking gets much more fun when you have canna style!

My favorite piece (that’s in the mail right now) is this rocking lava lamp bong. So creative and it’s going to light up my day, on multiple accounts!

Holiday Gifts Overall

What I really like about these choices is that there’s style, quality, and a little dare. This gives us a hands on way to give the gift of herbal medicine without even having to go to a dispensary. These are the brands working to enhance the stigma of cannabis users. They are also still considered small businesses, it’s great to support them and their missions.

I hope you enjoyed this holiday gift guide and subscribe for more CBD and Cannabis content!

Weed Wednesdays, By Delaney Lawrence