In 2022, I will be documenting my favorite and the most popular CBD and Cannabis brands each month. These are the brands that stand out, are breaking the stigma, offering fresh new products, and more. Whether you are new here or a returning subscriber, the goal is that you can take something new from the industry every time! Check out these canna brands below and see all the fresh new stuff available for purchase!

Tree Rolls

The tastiest CBD pre-roll I’ve tried in a while! I loved the peppermint one, choose whatever aroma that suits you! These are awesome for instant headache relief.

Fashion Kush

Fashion Kush, one of the few canna brands to offer stoner-friendly apparel that’s actually cute! The owners are a mother-daughter duo, and also super fun to follow. Check them out on Instagram.

And keep your standards as high as you are. (;


The tastiest CBD product I’ve tried! This is Budzy’s new product. The mix comes ready to make (minus the wet ingredients) and creates delicious Oatmeal Raisin Peanut Butter CBD cookies.


The most beautiful and stylish canna brand available! I’d recommend buying your first glass piece from here. All their pieces are so unique and have adorable, detailed extras to go with it. Why not make every smoking experience dainty and aesthetic!?

Get Abstrakt

A local Arizona cartridge company. They have so many tasty terpene filled cartridge flavors. Check them out on their Instagram to try them out!

Monthly Canna Brands

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I hope you found something new you love here! Thanks for stopping by.

Weed Wednesdays, By, Delaney Lawrence