With 420 around the corner, you may be wondering how you can get in on all the fun! Whether you’re a new user or an experienced user, try asking these 5 questions to your local dispensary budtender! 

What are your best deals today? 

No matter what day you visit the dispensary, it’s always smart to ask how you can save money and get more bang for your buck. Your budtender should be aware of all dispensary deals and if they aren’t, ask them to find out. Their job is to steer you to your happiest selection. Find out what the deals are, and then ask the next few questions!

What’s your favorite product or brand?

Ask what they like to use because you might have different preferences. There are SO many products these days, you can get a number of differing things. Your budtender might be a heavy flower consumer, but maybe you’re more into edibles. Ask what they like and would recommend. Maybe you’ll hit it off and love the same things, and if you don’t, they can always ask a co-worker. Don’t be afraid to find out what the good stuff is!

What would you recommend for my experience level? 

Tell them what your experience level is. Depending on what you’re looking for, they can advise you to higher THC content or higher milligram per dosage. Or vice versa. Feel empowered especially if you’re a beginner. There are so many products for the beginning consumer such as micro-doses of edibles, CBD products and blends, and different ways to administer. There’s truly an experience for everyone! 

Are there products you sell out of regularly? 

The products that sell out are probably the ones that people love the most! Ask what the best sellers are! If you find out the brands, see what products those brands have that might be awesome! 

Do you have rewards programs? 

If it’s your local dispensary (especially), or a chain dispensary, it might be worth while to see if your spend can get you something free or discounted later! It’s usually free to join rewards programs and there’s usually a first time customer discount. Get yourself all the deals!

Happy 420!

Conscious consumption starts with being open about your consumption, ask lots of questions. If you’re curious about strains or products, using the Leafly app can also be an amazing resource with consumer reviews. 

Another great tip: save money by hitting the ATM before your dispensary visit so that you dodge any ATM machine fees at the dispensary. 

Enjoy 420 and continue to spread your good experiences with this magical plant so that more information can surface. Break the stigma! Happy 420!

Weed Wednesdays by, Delaney Lawrence