This week – let’s do something different, new, creative, bold, and inspiring.

Becoming Your Inner Child

Well hello Monday! It’s beautiful to welcome you all back to FHV and introduce you to a new concept I’ve been deeply thinking about for weeks now. INNER CHILD WORK.

Inner child work is the healing work we can do with ourselves to help interpret the impressions we made as children based on our experiences and environment. This work helps to unravel what our inner child experienced and what impacts it’s had on us as adults.

As children, we are always observing – children are like sponges. Whether you remember or not, your subconscious mind was picking up cues on everything going on throughout your whole life. The cues you picked up (that are typically unconsciously impacting your days) impact who you are and how you experience life as an adult. The power in studying your own inner child is that you can become aware of those cues. By invoking a need to understand how your inner child must feel, you can better understand why you as an adult feel as you feel.

Why Study Your Inner Child

What fascinates me about my inner child are the negative and self-sabotaging actions I picked up based off things I learned as a child. This is not to say I had a bad life, or a negative one, but my inner child never got some of the satisfaction and understanding that they needed due to certain experiences. That’s why inner child work has been a strong focus in my life recently.

There’s a trend on TikTok where the text says “Talking down on myself and realizing I’m not talking to her, I’m talking to her” and then the video changes to show baby pictures, the little girl you used to be. (Or boy.) This stands true because even as adults, our conscious mind doesn’t age, it awakens. As we grow and learn, our bodies age, but our minds simply become more aware, more mature, and more capable to learn.

There’s a book I picked up this week, “Unthink: Rediscover your Creative Genius” by Eric Wahl which goes into detail explaining why becoming your inner child can seriously re-spark your creative genius. One of the first points he makes is that creative genius is NOT rare, but lives inside all of us. He explains how we have been taught to work by system, construct, and consistency, but have forgotten to follow inspiration, to do things for fun, and to imagine.

Children are incredible. They believe in dragons and magic, and sometimes they transport to new places with an idea, and they don’t care if it’s raining or snowing, or if they aren’t supposed to have chocolate for breakfast. This is the re-imagined child that we have been missing out on by being “adults.”

Tapping In

So how do we tap in to our inner child?

Reaching your inner child is as simple as treating yourself with the love that you would give to a child you love. Here’s some rules I have set for myself as I move through my inner child work:

  1. Let things go. Tell yourself it’s okay. Be resilient.
  2. Have fun. Bottomline, if it’s not fun, make it, or quit it.
  3. Change gears often. When the inspiration dissipates, it’s time to take a break.
  4. Continually learn. When you feel lost, learn. When you feel bored, learn.
  5. Reminisce on your childhood. What actives did you love? How can you do them now?
  6. Be bold. Child don’t care about anyone’s opinion, you have to care less.
  7. Reflect. Journal, set goals, set rewards.

Remember that everyone’s inner child journey is different. Reminiscing on your childhood can bring up so many emotions, negative and positive. Focus on the things that genuinely brought you joy as a kid. How can you bring that into your life today? What would it look like?

FHV Send Off

This week is officially SUMMER! A kid’s dream time! Let me know in the comments something you loved to do as kid during the summer time.

Have an incredible week!

FHV by, Delaney Lawrence