Hi squad!!! I’m so excited to come back on here and connect with you about FHV (finding higher vibrations.) This week I’m really focusing on having fun in everything I do. I’m reading a book right now (if you know me, you know I’m reading 20+ books all the time) and it’s called Effortless by Greg McKeown. It’s a book about making it easier to do what matters, and one way is to make it FUN!

PS – I made a list of amazing, motivational books that you need to read!!!

This week I’m going to do a little reflection on how the 7 Days of Happy went and which monetizing methods I’m keeping.

I’ll also be sharing moon things! AKA, I like to plan my journaling & self reflectional times around the moon cycle. Recently, the New Moon was on May 30th. The New Moon time is great for setting intentions, goals, and manifestations because it’s a time of low energy. Below, I’ll share more!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, or contact me!

Weekly Reflection & Goal

7 days of happy went fairly well. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it and really considering it especially in the frustrating or unhappy moments. I feel like I went through majority of every day feeling good. However, I still have things I want to work on. This week I struggled on at least 2 occasions to quickly (less than 10 minutes) return to my happy, but I also felt that I dealt with my emotions well by being patient with myself. What struggles or realizations did you have?

This coming week I want to work on one simple thing – HAVING FUN. I believe that you can make anything fun with the right mindset, even work, exercise, errands, or responsibilities. My new mindset includes being able to have fun doing the things that matter, while also giving myself a break from the things that matter, and actually taking the time to have fun.

Monetizing Wins

Last post I mentioned that I was trying to use my tools to become better and more efficient. Things that I’m continuing to use are these weekly posts (building community with you all), my Amazon storefront (so amazing and useful already), my Depop, and Magiclinks (obsessed with it)!

I am obsessed with the app that helps you get obsessed! This is a great way to visually show your customers products and items from a large quantity of stores. All my Alo picks are linked here as well as Urban Outfitters and Steve Madden.

New Moon

As I mentioned, May 30th was the most recent New Moon (in Gemini) that inspired me to do some reflectional journaling and intention setting.

The moon cycle has been used since ancient times to monitor energy shifts. You may have heard that a full moon brings out the crazy in everyone, and this is because the moon’s energies can affect us. When there’s a full moon, the moon energy is strong, and when there’s a new moon, it’s weakened. Using the moon cycle to manifest your goals and aspirations can be both effective and useful. Both happen about once a month.

For this cycle, I decided that I wanted to set some intentions for myself and how I’m growing as a person. My three areas of focus until the next New Moon are:

  1. Study something new! (Language, hobby)
  2. Be creative. (Self-expression, clothing, DIY)
  3. Listening. (Listening before speaking)

The Full Moon is on June 14th (and it’s a Super Full Moon in Libra!) On the Full Moon, I typically revisit my New Moon intentions, accept and let go what isn’t serving me anymore, and then continue to work on what’s left until the New Moon arrives again.

Try Living by the Moon

There are 4 IOS apps I have to help me keep track of the moon:

  1. Moon Calendar (tells you the phase & cycle)
  2. Moon Phase (tells you %)
  3. TimePassages (tells you zodiac info and descriptions)

French Netflix Shows

So recently, since realizing how close our Europe trip is, and remembering those 5 years of French I took in school, I started watching French shows on Netflix.

The first movie I’m watching is called Spoiled Brats or Pourris gΓ’tΓ©s.

I’ve always loved language, it’s one of the most fascinating parts of how humans evolved. I’ve always dreamed of being able to speak another language and believe that French is one of the beautiful languages, so it’s a personal challenge. Do you speak another language? Or have you ever wanted to?

Leave any language learning tips in the comments!

Amazon Apartment Finds

I linked all my apartment furniture/decor that I got from Amazon! I’m obsessed. If you’re looking for an affordable and risk-free way to furnish & decorate, look no further!

Amazon Home Finds

Online Course

I recently started a business venture that I suppose in a way “failed”. However, I’m seeing it as opportunity to continue to learn, grow, and be better for my future self. Finding Higher Vibrations started as a mantra, and started to turn into what I wanted to be an as an online course. I wrote the course this last Spring, and still intend on using the content, but decided I wanted to start a community based on the values instead.

Keep yours eyes out for the content as I will be adding it to this FHV Blog page for the next few months. These are the stories, realizations, pieces of wisdom, and resources that I gained over the last 6 months to a year.

I can’t wait to find higher vibrations with all of you.

Signing Off

I can’t wait to see what the next week brings!

Cheers & much love.

By, Delaney Lawrence