Welcome to Finding Higher Vibrations! The mantra that sets out to explore the higher things in life. Setting intentions can quickly enhance your experiences and expectations.


The first step in setting intentions is taking the time to really consider yourself and your actions in the present moment. Practice bringing your awareness to where you are right now, how you feel, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. Asking yourself often, “where am I” can help facilitate consistently bringing you to the present moment.

What’s a Quality Intention?

Setting an intention means that before you engage in an activity, you make a decided effort to choose the reason as to why you are going to engage in the activity at all. The hope is that the activity becomes useful and intentional before you ever actually begin the activity.

A quality (and feel good) intention is an intention you set that is achievable by simply committing to yourself. Which means it’s not dependent on a result that is out of your control.

Feel Good Intentions

Think of quality intentions as intentions that make you feel good.

For example, you have a big project to complete at work this week. Before you go to work, you set a quality and feel good intention. Ask for help and take breaks when you’re frustrated.

For example, you showed up to a new hot yoga class. Before you go into the studio, you set a quality and feel good intention. Listen to your body and focus on your breath.

For example, you are nervous and excited to go out with some new friends. Before you leave, you set a quality and feel good intention. Just be yourself and have fun.

These types of intentions aren’t dependent on goal-oriented results, which is why they are feel good intentions. These are intentions that are achievable by simply committing to yourself.

Setting quality intentions are finding ways that you can attain quality results that genuinely make you feel good about yourself and your life. This practice can greatly improve experiences, re-align expectations, and increase life’s harmony.

Try setting intentions with the Setting an Intention Journaling Guide below.

Setting an Intention Journaling Guide


At the end of the journaling template, there’s affirmations made to enforce the journaling experience. Affirmations can be whatever you want them to be. The goal of affirmations is to affirm that you are already what you want to become, which tells the subconscious that you are worthy of becoming it.

Find Your Vibe

Go off in intentional love! I hope that this helped you learn something new about intention setting and, as always, feel free to send any questions or comments to me via my contact page or email.

Lots of love,

FHV By, Delaney Lawrence