Optimism & Aesthetic

Optimism and Aesthetic is built off of my favorite and most popular Pinterest board. Who doesn’t love a good mood booster and some eye pleasing content?

People are so profoundly incredible and unique. I’ve always had an immense respect for that simple fact and I believe that our minds are more powerful than we know. I like to explore what makes me happiest and little habits that can truly make my life better (even in the smallest way.)

I genuinely want the BEST for everyone around me, it can’t hurt to hype up the people around you. If you want some positive, hype girl energy, you have found the right place. Self love tips, self care ideas, motivating videos, openmindedness, and more!

I’ve struggled with anxiety over the last few years very prominently, and if that hits home with you, then just know you’re not alone, and we got this. Optimism and Aesthetic is your feel good, lift yourself up, and boss vibes that you need to conquer any obstacle life throws you.

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