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Collaboration Integrity

Firstly, my goal as a writer, blogger, and influencer is to demonstrate integrity. It’s important that my readers and followers can trust the products I post and recommend.

Collaboration Experience

It’s been incredible working on small initiatives with online brands driving their revenue as well as working on large scale corporate marketing projects. Some of my favorite collaborations are shown below. If you’d like samples of work – please reach out!

Two Tags Ambassador and Resident Content Creator
TOQI Partner
Luna Lounge Ambassador

My work’s not limited to my social media services. Some other things I’ve done for companies includes branding, logos, social media, blogging, advertising, social media advertising, Google analytics, website design, and SEO.

Are We A Good Fit?

Does Weed Wednesdays accept sponsored posts?

Since the goal of Weed Wednesdays is to provide as much information about the cannabis and CBD industry as possible, collaborations occur often. These types of collaborations typically come with compensation for posts, content, and videos , which positively benefits Weed Wednesdays and enhances my ability to share as often as possible. However, it would not be beneficial to share dishonest information on a platform made to gather a community looking for healthy products and reliable information. My values as I continue to build Weed With Del are honest information, open communication, and real products.

Please note that I’m not a doctor or a certified health professional. All products discussed are products I would use and have tried. I share all information on this website with the pure intention of helping others navigate an industry that does not provide a lot of accurate information. Feel free to reach out at any time if you feel as though the information you received was incorrect and I will be happy to research and re-write.

This is a safe space and one meant to build community. Any type of ill use of information shared on this site is not the responsibility of Weed Wednesdays and its parties.

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