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Finding Higher Vibrations Online Course


Welcome to your journey to find your higher self! Finding Higher Vibrations is the idea that we are committing to our own self-growth, self-care, and self-love. I’m so excited you’re here and can’t wait to share what it’s all about!

This course was built to provide tools and techniques that give you the ability to grow as a person. The idea is that the more we understand ourselves, the more we understand the world. Each and every one of us has our own world we live in. You may see something that someone else does not, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Those perceptions are what frame your reality, and frame your life and it’s borders.

Visual for your reality borders

Setting an Intention

First thing’s first, let’s set an intention. Setting an intention helps to identify why you ended up here and set realistic expectations for why you should take this course. This is a practice you can take to every activity you participate in, whether it’s starting your work day, going to see a friend, exercising, trying something new, and more!

How to Set it

Setting an intention means that before you engage in an activity, you make a decided effort to choose the reason as to why you are going to engage in the activity at all. This way, the activity becomes useful and intentional before you ever actually go to begin the activity.

For example, you have a big week at work, and on your way Monday morning, you say to yourself, “My goal today is to simply complete step 1 of Project ABC. If I do steps 1-5 this week, and focus on one activity each day, then I’ll get it done and be less stressed.”

Another example, you get to an exercise class you’ve never been to before and you say to yourself, “My goal is to just endure the whole class, even if I can’t complete all the activities, I will stay the whole time, and give myself breaks if I need them.”

Last example, you’re on your way to a party and you have social anxiety so you say to yourself, “I don’t owe anyone anything, I’ll be proud of myself if I just meet one new face tonight. I’ll just be myself and have fun.”

It’s a simple, small, and ATTAINABLE intention you set for yourself. It could be as simple as “to learn something new” or “to complete this one task” or “be patient with myself.”

Setting an intention can massively improve your experience in anything you do because now the drive of your engagement in this activity is purely something you want to do and intend to accomplish (and will accomplish!!!!)

Set an intention for everything! It re-aligns your expectations. Below is the first journaling exercise to better outline what an intention setting journal could look like. Throughout the course you can continue to come back to this intention or you can set new ones throughout. (You can even download this template and use it in other parts of your life! Tweak it to fit your journaling style!) Journal templates will show up in multiple places in this course, feel free to download these and re-use them as you see fit.

Journal Exercise: Setting an Intention

Setting an Intention Worksheet

What to Expect

This course is built based on multiple psychological, philosophical, and yogic concepts that will help you open yourself up from within. It’s informal so go at your own pace! You’re able to jump around into any concept that interests you. There will be multiple self-reflectional opportunities, as this is a self-exploration journey. What you choose to put in, will be what you get out. The biggest takeaway from this course will directly correlate to how much you want it to help you.

Take this course as your first step to self-discovery. Remember the following before you dive in:

  • DO be open-minded
  • DO journal when prompted
  • DO look into resources recommended
  • DO talk to friends and family about your personal experience
  • DO take your time
  • DON’T be quick to judge yourself or others
  • DON’T get overwhelmed
  • DON’T skip something because it’s hard
  • DON’T be hard on yourself
  • DON’T expect change overnight