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Have you been seeking more fulfillment in daily life? The power to manifest your dream life? Searching for greater inner peace? Less negative energy? True friends and the ability to create more quality relationships?

Welcome to your journey to Find Higher Vibrations. The Finding Higher Vibrations Starter Course is a course for those looking to get closer to the things in life that truly elevate their spirit and soul. It’s designed to lead you to find more fulfillment in daily life.


The “Finding Higher Vibrations” mantra means a commitment to spending more time on the things that genuinely heighten one’s vibration. Raising your vibration can align you with your goals and dreams, making it easier to see them and achieve them.

Throughout the course, you will be asked to dig deep within yourself to find what truly increases your personal vibration. By engaging with an open-mind, you will learn new self-help techniques and habits, and identify the parts of life that really matter to you.

Key Course Features

What Should I Expect? How Will I Learn and What Will I Learn?

Journaling Templates, Self-Help Worksheets, Meditations, & Workshops

Gain access to a set of re-usable materials that will help you increase positive daily habits and better accomplish your goals.

Hand-Picked Resource List Built for Individual Continued Growth

Start your self-discovery journey strong with this hand-picked list of resources, such as books and journals, proven to build a better sense of self.

Relationship Building Techniques

By connecting better with yourself and your self-abundance, you will be able to better connect with others and truly enhance the relationships in your life.

7+ Chapters Filled With Self-Growth, Psychological, and Philosophical Concepts

Dive into these concepts with an open mind, willing to explore a new perspective about your life, and come out a higher self.

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$ 22
  • Course Overview & Intro
  • Intention Setting Journaling Template
  • Resource List & Descriptions
  • Finding Yourself Lesson
  • Building Habits: Journaling Workshop (Including re-usable journaling templates)
  • Building Habits: Planning Workshop
  • Building Habits: Energy Monitoring Workshop
  • Energy Monitoring Worksheet
  • Becoming Self-Aware Lesson
  • Re-Identifying the Self Workshop
  • Everything is a Mirror Lesson
  • Intro to Manifesting Lesson
  • Understanding Our Energy Lesson
  • Meet Your Shadow Lesson


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  • Course Overview & Intro
  • Intention Setting Journaling Template

Everyday I wake up in today’s daily life, I feel fulfillment, and this is not simply coincidence. For once, I’m not stressed about my day, I’m not worried about social expectations, I’m not overwhelmed. Life doesn’t become perfect, but it becomes more meaningful and less of a weight.

I realized that this is valuable, for me, and probably valuable to someone who experiences these similar nagging, negative feelings. That’s why the Finding Higher Vibrations Starter Course was created, these are the tools and resources that changed the way I thought. This course is a perfect beginner course for anyone ready to build their base skills to be able to find their higher self and get empowered to live a more passionate and purposeful life.

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